Drifting was composed in collaboration with Phillip Cohen, a psychotherapist with 35 years experience who specialises in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

It creates a calming ambient landscape and utilises various aural techniques to help relaxation such as tempo-heartrate synchronisation and natural tuning.

Purchasers can choose between a daytime and nighttime version, and a track with a guided hypnosis by Phillip Cohen or a non-guided version.

The Night version is designed to let you drift off to sleep at the end of the track, whereas the Day version has an added section at the end to lift you back out of the trance and help you feel refreshed and energised.

*For best results, listen on a pair of good-quality headphones*

**Do not listen to Drifitng whilst driving or doing other tasks which require concentration**

Copyright © 2018

Please follow this link to Phillip Cohen's personal website, where you can purchase the soundtrack as part of a Hypnotherapy package deal: http://phillipcohenhypnotherapy.com/ 

The files above are all in highest quality .mp3 format, if you would prefer an even higher quality .wav file to download for no extra charge, please contact me at leonhaxby@gmail.com 


"Knocks me pretty unconscious in about 5 mins flat and I sleep like a baby log all night long. Very zen noises to fall asleep to as well!"

"I've been put into a trance state with this track and I am sceptic but I can honestly say not only does it work, I don't reccomend driving or operating heavy machinery straight away afterwards. The night time version puts me into a really deep sleep, I use it sometimes when I've been really stressed at work."